Thursday, February 2, 2017

Change, the right way.


What is change ? 

When you look at change it's very direct and objective. It's a difference from a prior state.

Now, usually change if not always has a domino effect. If one thing is different then anything directly connect must also change. Newtons law? Probably not but it's Stephanie's law for sure when it comes to pulling your hair/makeup/wardrobe 

I'm a "YUGE" fan of change. I will change my hair cut/style at any given point because I follow the law. Stephanie's Laws

  1. If you're going to bleach, you're going to mask. There's nothing worse than a change that looks like straw. Any major change should look intentional and as if it's been there forever with out struggle otherwise it's just a fail.
  2. Change your lip color. You're not going to wear an orange lip with lavender hair are you ? No, you're not .. if you plan on it, it better be Halloween or you're employed by cirque de soleil.
  3. Make it your own, for instance I know what works for me. Style wise I feel my best when I'm styled like I walked off the set of the notebook. So no matter what color/cut I make sure it works with that overall look
  4. Do less. During a change, wether you're in the middle of a process or you have finished and want to make some minor tweaks. STOP ! Do not pass go, do not collect. Let it settle, give it a week.
  5. Check your wardrobe, for instance now that I'm a ginger there is not shot you will catch me wearing orange .. red .. or yellow. Not that I would anyway because my wardrobe is similar to Wednesday Adams limitless black but you get it.

So factor in all these things and there's no way you will fail a major change 

Thursday, January 19, 2017


If you're going to be a brunette you may as well be the best kind. What constitutes the best kind is shiny, full of dimension and reflective of tones. What does that mean to you ? Probably nothing that's just colorist verbiage. In my mind being a brunette means all in every tone and level accounted for and mixed to skin tone enhancing perfection. Anytime I personally mix any color wether for a full on transformation or a simple rework I make it a point to factor seasons, for example in the winter months I always add a gold tone, not to be confused with red. An unintended red tone on a brunette will most definitely throw out the idea that your color has oxidized or your red has faded. So unless you commit to full blown red give it up you're just going to end up throwing out half assed Joan vibes. 


Things to remember: 

  1. Dimension is everything. Three different variations of similar colors is a sure fire way to not only look natural but eye catching.
  2. Shine. My favorite colors always involve a gloss of 1-2 levels lighter with a high pigmented version of the root color to create contrast and depth.

Moral of the story, you need a slightly darker root, and a high pigmented gloss. Call me crazy but one formula will never be enough. 

Friday, June 10, 2016


Having a PHD is much less about the medical field to me than most people. For me it's a perfect hair day that can withstand an entire day's worth of finger rushing, wind , and possibly a work out. 

Along with my high expectations I have steps in place to insure that my hair is in it for the long haul.

Apply your product damp, that way it doesn't end up diluted. 

If you know you are going to use an iron of some kind blow dry your hair simply to get it dry and smooth.

Going wavy ? Let it sit so you look like George Washington. Get your founding father on...

Lastly, pull the clips out and finger brush it.. Spray if you want to but be warned in terms of longevity, less is more.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Taking a cue from your local toddler is all the rage these days. Babylights are here and taking over trend spotlight. What exactly are they? Meticulously placed thin highlights around your part and hairline. 

Good news my grey haired friends use this trend to your advantage in order to help camoflouge those greys. 

Keep in mind, these can be foiled or balyaged in it's entirely up to your stylist. Half the battle is placement and since you now know where they belong, the color is KEY ! Make sure it's natural and on the cooler end of the spectrum to balance out your base, and imitate what the sun could create.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Bronde: (adj.) used to describe a color that seamlessly transitions from any version of brown to blonde. 

Origin, colorist a over ombré. 

Now you know what it is, here is how to get it. Let me warn you, there are no foils involved just serious color melting and some very real balyage. 

In example:

The top is a no go. The stripes from the root are the furthest thing from seamless.

You know where to find me for this 


Stephanie P Pontes 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Not your quincé

I'm not sure about you , but I don't have the time to sit here and do my hair everyday .. 

This wave above is two days old.. 

Apply some of these tips to your life and you'll too stop having to start over and you'll have more time to do way more fulfilling things .. 

1. Cleanse TWICE , yes twice. 
2. No conditioner on your roots. It's so unnecessary, your roots are already healthy. 
3. Dry your hair only to remove the frizz and obviously get it dry. Avoid the concept that you have to dry your hair perfectly straight ..You're not wearing it straight so there is no sense in killing it with extra heat.
4. Then, keep in mind that you are wanding for a wave, always start from the same distance away from the root and in the same direction.
5.  Now here's the important part .. You spray with a working hair spray, nothing else. Then brush out all the curls so you don't look like any minute you're going to roll out for you sweet sixteen. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Real quick.

One of my favorite things in life is when I don't have to do my hair because it's done well enough to begin with and it will last. 

It looks like way more involved than it actually is. Since I'm basically following the curl shape and looping a bunch of stuff together.

Basically all that's done here is a bunch of twisting and pinning and then spraying down baby hairs or any fly always.

I hope this makes you're life a little easier in the morning as it always does mine.

Xx Steph